Sunday, 21 July 2013

How To Find Lost iPhone ?

Your iPhone is lost ?? Don't Panic You are at the right place where you can find your Lost iPhone in few minutes.

Read this article and know how you can find your iPhone...

Follow this Simple Steps To Find Your Lost iPhone : 

Step - 1 

Open the Find My iPhone app on an iOS Device or iCloud on a Mac or iCloud on a Windows . - If you don't have an App than you can download from App Store from Here.

Step - 2

Sign in with the Apple id by which lost Apple Device is logged in. 

Step - 3

After signing in you will see all the services provided by the iCloud Click on the Find My iPhone.

Step - 4

Click on Devices button to see all your devices which are logged in with same Apple id by which you are logging in. Click on the missing device from all devices and location of that device will be shown on the map.

Step - 5

Click on the location of your Missing Device and you will get the control panel for Sending Notification to your iPhone , Erasing all the data and for activating lost mode on your iPhone.

  • If you have misplaced your iPhone somewhere at your home between the cushions or in your jacket than click on Play Sound - This will play a loud alert tone on your iPhone for 2 minutes even if your iPhone is muted.
  • If your iPhone is stolen or you forgot any where and if it is with any other person than click on Lost Mode - It will ask you to enter unlocking code for your iPhone (use any random numbers for passcode do not use birthdate , SSN - Social Security Number , driving license number or any information which is personal..).
  • You can also Enter a message to display on your iPhone and also contact number so that the person who found your iPhone can reach you.
  • If you cannot locate your iPhone and suspect that it's lost Click on Erase iPhone button in the phone's info window.This will erase all the data from your iPhone but by using once this feature you will not be able to locate that iPhone again as all the data is erased from the iPhone. You can later recover your iPhone by iTunes.

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