Saturday, 3 August 2013

What Is Guided Access On iPhone ?

Do You have an iPhone ?? I know you will not be knowing about this amazing feature of the iPhone ' Guided Access '. This feature allows you to do some amazing things like make your game play much better or restrict some parts of screen and making that part unresponsive...
If you haven't heard about the Guided Access yet than it arrived with iOS 6 as one of the Accessibility Improvements. You might get confuse Guided Access with Voice Over and the two accessibility improvements. Apple describes Guided Access as : It helps the students with disabilities such as autism remain on task and get focused on content. It allows parent , teacher or administrator to limit an iOS device to one app by disabling the Home button , as well as restrict touch input on certain areas of the screen. 

Guided Access is used to effectively lock the iOS device so the app in use is only the app which can be used when iPhone is unlocked. You can also block the certain parts of the screen so they do not respond to touch of that part ( settings , controls etc. ) also lock the Home button so it won't respond. You can also lock other hardware buttons and orientations so the opened app will stay as it is.

The best example and best use of Guided Access is when any child plays a game but you don't want the child to close the game and let him/her mess up with your settings. It might happen that sometimes you are playing the game or apps on your iPhone and accidently you touch some other unwanted parts and it may happen Notification shutter opens up accidently.

If you find some interesting use of Guided Access or some other iPhone features than tell us in Comments...

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